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Quilters' Corner Quilt Rush Reminder

Quilt Rush Reminder

Quilt Rush is less than 3 weeks away!!
April 10th through 14th

 This year we are celebrating 20 great years.  While stores have come and gone over the years, you still seem to like coming by and visiting even if it is only once a year.  We just finished our project for this year and it turned out great.  We hope you like it!

This year there are 12 stores:  A Quilted Heart, Cloth Carousel, Debbie's Quilt Shop, Friends Around the Block*, Pieces of Love, Quilt Corral, Quilters' Corner, Runs with Scissors, Sew-in-Piece, Thistle Dew Quilt Shoppe, and Villa Rosa Designs

Shops will be open 9 AM to 6 PM Wednesday-Saturday, and 11 AM to 4 PM on Sunday.
*Friends Around the Block will be open on Sunday to stamp you passport only.


Check out the Quilt Rush's website at for more details including maps, shop to shop mileage, and links to each store's website. 

Look forward to seeing you!
Staff of Quilters' Corner 



Quilters' Corner Sacramento